Piano and Backstage Coffee Lounge


Today I’m working on affiliate products having to do with my coffee business. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many coffee product affiliations as I’d hoped, but then I realized: A LOT of things are associated with coffee shops and drinking coffee. One of those things is art – in this case music.

I think this product is fantastic to share within my coffee shop.

Have you always wanted to play the piano? But you don’t want to spend years on piano lessons with teachers who may or may not be for you. Well, Pianoforall is the solution! It’s an online piano course specially designed to take complete beginners to an intermediate level faster than any other method. YAMAHA even claimed it as the best online course they’ve seen.

Now I want to tell you about Backstage Coffee Lounge in Winnsboro, TX. My husband actually found this place when he was taking a walk the other morning.

It’s small and homey. The people working there are so friendly. It’s not super expensive, and there’s free Wi-Fi. But what really excited me is that they offer some gluten-free baked goods! I nearly fell off the couch when my husband brought me a GF brownie. And it was good. Y’all, I live in Texas in a tiny town of just over 3K. GF options almost don’t exist here. And when they do appear, they’re usually not a baked good, they’re pricey, and they’re not that good. But this brownie was the same price I would expect to pay for any brownie, and it tasted so good!

There are some other gluten-free options there that I want to check out, but also coffee and wifi. If you’re ever in Winnsboro, you should check it out.

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