Goals, Vibrations, and Mug of the Day

Good morning!

I hope you’re doing fabulous on this Wednesday morning! I feel pretty good at the moment.

I decided to change up some of what I was doing and delete a few of my apps. They were intended to make me some money, but they weren’t making enough money to make me want to work on them.

This goes along with my goals and the vibrations I’m working on. My goal is to be able to comfortably pay my bills and take a vacation once or twice a year. I’ve put things in place that should achieve that over the course of the next ten years. But my son is here now, and I want to be able to enjoy him. So, I want to find a way to make money online. Even though I did have a few apps installed on my phone to make money, they weren’t conducive to a vibration that will attract money to me.

The Law of Attraction (because physics states that similar vibrations of atoms attract each other) is clear that you will tend to do better in life if you feel better. And playing those money apps was making me feel bad. So I got rid of them. Instead, I’ve been chasing down a few leads to different things. I’ve found a few new ways to market my mug business, and I’ve also gotten leads for jobs and think I should get into making digital printables on Etsy. I’ve already made a set of coloring pages (for baby showers and the like), and I’ve got some other ideas already cooking away.

I don’t have much to lose, so I’m diving headfirst into making money at home. Here’s a marker for future Katie: if something doesn’t happen by October, I need to look into getting a regular job. But that gives me three weeks! A lot can happen in three weeks.

But now, without further ado, the Mug of the Day to inspire and motivate:

This mug is the culmination of everything I’ve been talking about in this post. We can achieve anything. We just have to do the “repeat” part and go for it everyday. If this mug speaks to you, or if you want to look at what I offer, find it here.

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