Mug of the Day

Good morning!

I took the weekend off from blogging (kind of) to focus on my tax lien investing. On the bright side, I’ve made several wins with on that front. My goal was to invest a small amount of my own money into 3 or 4 properties to create a proof-of-concept. And I’m proud to say that I’ve achieved that.

But that’s done for the time being. And the weekend is over. So, it’s time to get back to the mug of the day:

Haha! This is the mug I’ve chosen for today. I wanted to have a funny mug since we’re coming off the weekend. We need some funny to start off the week. I love how funny and sarcastic this mug is. It has a posh-looking font, but a not-posh-at-all saying. This is a mug that someone would use to hold a can of soda or something. Or use while eating a donut. It’s ridiculous and perfect for an almost Monday. If you like this mug, you can find it on Etsy for only $11.

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