Real Estate Tax Yields


It’s been an interesting day. As some of you know, today was my husband’s birthday. It didn’t exactly go to plan. This morning was great. I made some of my husband’s favorite foods, and I was able to prioritize my time to spend with him.

Then, our toddler decided not to take his afternoon nap and screamed the whole evening, and my husband didn’t get enough sleep of his own. To top it off, the dog wasn’t feeling good and pooped all over the floor. Thank goodness the toddler still went to sleep at bedtime, because I don’t think we could have kept up any longer.

But now, everything has been taken care of, and I am busy learning about real estate investing. I don’t really know much at the moment, but I do know that this form of investing is low risk, has good returns, and, if done well, has the ability to replace a full-time job.

I’m taking a course by Jay Drexel. I didn’t have to do this to be successful, but when I looked at reviews for this, one person said ‘You want Jay as your teacher. Just do what he says, and you will make money.’ So I bought the course (for less than $100), and I am going to follow what Jay says to the letter.

Side note: The other day I remember telling my mom about print-on-demand businesses. She commented that she didn’t know where I found these things. I replied that it came through hundreds of hours of watching videos online. – I think this is one of those things. I watch a lot of ads for different apps on my phone. Most of the time, I ignore them, but sometimes I actually listen. About every 400 videos, I find one that actually gives me some good advice. Although this is super slow and not really a method I recommend (also, it wasn’t me actually trying anything), but it seems to be working for me.

Anyway, I know nothing, but I wanted to make a post about what I was learning and what is to come (because when I figure out what I’m doing, I’ll share more). I’m going to get back to learning about real estate. Send me good vibes, and I’ll be sure to share what I learn.

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