Atlas Earth


I’ve been talking a lot about passive income lately, and I want to give a review on Atlas Earth.

This is an app where you can buy virtual plots of land and earn cash in the real world. This sounds amazing and too good to be true, and plenty of people think it is. I have seen at least 2 different people call this app a scam. But I don’t think it is. I think you need to accept that any money you make is almost negligible with this app, but I do think it’s legit to do that.

First things first, the “president” of the USA (in the app) owns over 13,000 plots of land. I don’t know what boosters he has for his income, but if all the land was common land, and he only used the free boosts, he could make nearly $20/day. Most people don’t have nearly that many plots, and if you’re paying for anything in today’s world, $20/day is not nearly enough.


I do like that you don’t actually need to spend any money. Instead, you can invest your time, watch ads, and get “free” virtual land. Going the free route (and also having a life) means that it will take forever to buy land. And it really doesn’t give that much back. Not alone.

But you could take the few dollars you earn and invest in something more substantial, like stocks or business advertising or something. Now that could make some real money.

And for an app that will make money while you do nothing (because you don’t have to do anything) it’s worthwhile to have in the background of your phone.

You could literally install it, take the free plot for signing, not look at the app at all, and in 4 months, you’d have a penny. (And if you did boost your earnings just once a day, it’d be 9 cents.) No, that’s not much at all. But it is something for doing nearly nothing. If you passed a dime on the street every once in a while, do you pick it up? This is similar.

I have some time set aside during my day (usually an hour or two-that way I’m not on here all day) that I use to grind video ads on Atlas Earth and get other free stuff. Right now, I can buy a new plot of land every 10 days or so. Today, I have 2 plots of land, and I’m about to have enough game money to buy a 3rd. This isn’t life-changing, but it’s kind of neat.

If you want to do this too and make a few coins for nothing, here’s a code: Get started for free using or use U98LO4

After you get 10 plots, you get 2 free ones for using that code.

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