Passive Income is NOT Completely Passive


I saw an advertisement today that I can’t stand. A lady asked, “Do you have a laptop? Do you have a dollar?” Then she said, “If you said yes to those questions, then you have the formula to make passive income.” She was trying to sell a course or something for $1.

While it is true that it doesn’t take a lot of physical things to make passive income, it does take a lot of one thing: time. A lot of people disregard this, because you can’t see time. And the goal is to make passive income, which doesn’t require hands-on time.

However, making passive income still requires time. Especially at first. Passive income is like making a plane fly. Eventually it’s in the air and can be on autopilot for the most part. But it requires a ton of energy to get the plane in the air.

Starting a passive income business means you have to spend plenty of time (likely months) working on your products and advertising them. Even if you put in the work to create a product, no one will know about it unless you show them. And you can’t stop for a while. You have to continue showing people what you do, or they’ll forget about you. Imagine if you were trying to take off in a plane. Even if you got going pretty fast, you would basically have to start over if you slowed down. You can slow down once you’re in the air.

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