Shiny Object Syndrome

Hey y’all,

I have come to realize that I have Shiny Object Syndrome. Shiny Object Syndrome is when you are easily distracted by new things. These objects can be physical, but my particular problem lies with entrepreneurial ideas. Every time I hear a new idea for making money, I think, “maybe I should try that!” Unfortunately, the secret to success is to stick with something, and I seem to constantly be abandoning ideas.

People always say that the first step in getting better is admitting that you have a problem. So, that is what I’m doing. I’m slowly getting better. I have a money-making game on my phone that runs a lot of ads. A week ago, I was clicking on at least half the ads that popped up (which were usually for other money-making games). Today, I’m only clicking on one or two ads to see what they’re about.

I also watched a video about millionaire habits. I could work on all of them (and I probably will), but the one that specifically caught my attention was the fact that the majority of millionaire’s put an emphasis on community service. I remember that in high school and college, I used to volunteer a lot – I was in several programs that required it – and my parents also volunteered a lot. I didn’t grow up knowing any different. However, my husband’s family did not volunteer regularly, and, since marriage, I have also not been volunteering. And I’ve definitely noticed a big difference. When you volunteer, there’s so much networking and knowledge potential, and I’ve been wasting time by not doing any volunteer work. That’s one thing that I’m going to add back into my lifestyle.

Do you have Shiny Object Syndrome, too? Let’s work on it together. I’ve found that being able to recognize it has helped immensely.

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