Into the Woods

Hey y’all,

I’ve posted about this before, but it’s worth talking about again.

For years, I’ve wanted to run off into the woods. For a while, it didn’t seem like that would be possible. At first, my husband and I didn’t have any land, and what we could afford was never the right fit. Then, we were gifted some land that was in my family, but it still didn’t seem good for us to basically live with my family until we could build something of our own… and then be 100 yards or less from my family. I even made a post about how we were starting to clear some land out there so we could build, but it didn’t truly feel right, and life happened, and we abandoned that project.

However, an amazing set of events happened recently. My family decided to sell some of the trees on the land. When this happened, the loggers made trails on the property and opened up a lot of space that hasn’t been seen by human eyes for 3-4 decades. My husband and I went to see how things were, and we happened to find a really beautiful piece of land near the back edge of the property. It’s close to a road, has good internet signal, and is apart from people but still close if we need someone.

I think I must have manifested this by thinking and talking about it so much. Do y’all remember me talking about the Whatley House? About 2 years ago, my husband and I found a great place that was in town, but it was very wild once entered. It was likesteppingthroughaportal into a forest. We wanted it so bad. We even located the owner and talked to him. But then the owner stopped talking to us, and I can’t even blame him. We would have been a very sketchy investment for him.

But the same things that attracted us to that place attract us to this one. And we actually own this property!

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