Hey y’all,

This post is later than I planned, so you get a 2fer!

I wanted to do a short post for each of these, but that didn’t happen. Last week, I got to clean two houses (the actual insides). Neither was really dirty, but they asked me to clean, so, whatever.

For one house, I cleaned almost the entirety of two bathrooms. I was asked not to do everything, because the homeowner wants to contract me on a weekly basis (woohoo!). I cleaned out one tub, the toilets, one cabinet, the sinks, and the mirrors.

The other house didn’t seem like as much, but it ended up being nearly the same amount of work. I was only asked to sweep and mop, but since I was there, I ran the mop over the baseboa, too. I mean, why not?

As perv usual, I used my trusty ScrubDaddy. It works just fine, and it’s cute. I like that it’s durable. I’ve been using the Scrub Mommy to wash my own dishes daily for weeks now, and the Scrub Mommy still works like new. The ScrubDaddy sponges do change texture in different temperatures, but I can’t tell much of of a difference in the cleaning.

Oh, here’s a fun fact for you: Soap residue will attract more dirt, so you should always wipe surfaces with water after you clean them. I didn’t know that until recently!

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