Secret Cleaning

Hey y’all,

Lately, I’ve been cleaning a lot. I’m attempting to be like Aurikatariina. I went to a friend’s house. I was just going over to hang out, but when went to the bathroom, I noticed that the toilet needed to be cleaned.

Not that gross picture ahead.

I got some dish soap and scrubbed the toilet. Then, I used some bleach to go over it again and sanitize. During this, I realized that the toilet brush was really dirty, so I wiped that out, too.

I would have loved to get those hard-water marks out, but I would need to let bleach or soap sit in there for a couple hours,  and I didn’t have the time. It does look better though. This person deserves to sit on a clean toilet. Clean stuff tends to make people feel better..

Have a beautiful day everyone!

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