Scrub Daddy and Sunshine

Hey y’all,

I’m excited! I’ve been using old rags to clean with. I’ve seen different sponges at the store, but I always thought ‘why?’. Well, I’ve been watching this woman, Aurikatariina, on YouTube. She cleans houses for free for people who really need the help but can’t afford to pay anyone. It’s so sweet and inspirational… and she’s sponsored by Scrub Daddy. If there is a company out there that is willing to invest in someone to allow them to make the world a better place, then that’s a company that I’m definitely on board with.

Aurikatariina also said that the Scrub Daddy company is all about cleaning and smiles… I like cleaning… And I like smiles… so YES!

I remember that one time I was working the evening shift at my retail job. It was 6 pm. I was smiling at the register when I checked a man out, and he told me that I was the happiest person he had seen that day. That was so sad! It was 6 pm! That means that that man had gone through his entire day, and the register girl at the dollar store was the nicest face he had seen all day! This seriously shocked me, and I commented on it to the other girl that was working with me. She had to tell me that this was not unusual. She heard comments all the time that customers really appreciated that I would smile while working.

Y’all, that’s sad. Smiling doesn’t cost a thing. It makes others feel better to see it, and it makes you feel better when you do it. If there is a company that truly wants people to be happy, then I want to be part of it.

I’m going to get a Scrub Daddy from the store for myself, but I’m also going to contact the company and see if they’ll work with me.

I’ve been trying to find a way to better my life for a while now. I always wanted to be financially able to volunteer or donate to good causes. For a time, I thought that since I didn’t really have the time or funds to be able to do that, I could at least smile at my job. While that worked well, I only saw about a hundred people a day on days that I worked. And now that I don’t work outside the home, I may only see one or two people every day. Whether Scrub Daddy works with me or not, I’m going to start putting my little ray of sunshine out on the internet. I’ll be able to reach thousands of people every day!

I hope that you all have a beautiful and wonderful day!

Edit to Update: I did it. I contacted the company, although I didn’t ask them to work with me… yet. For now, I just told them that I thought their company is wonderful. And look-

I got a Scrub Daddy AND a Scrub Mommy!

And I found out the difference. The Scrub Mommy has a soft sponge on the back while the Scrub Daddy does not. This makes me think that the Mommy will be better for daily use, and the Daddy will be better for deep cleaning. I’m pretty excited to use these. They’re adorable.

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