Cherry Tree

Hey y’all!

We just got our Cherry Blossom Tree in! It’s tiny at the moment, but it’s going to get big and be beautiful and provide plenty of shade!

My husband is really into anime and has wanted a Sakura (cherry blossom) tree for years. This will be our 2nd summer in our house. I didn’t realize it would get that way, but last summer was unbearably hot. Not that the tree will help this year, but it is in the ground, and if I was buying a shade tree anyway, why not a Sakura?

My blackberry vines also came in. We might get a few berries this year, but I’m expecting a lot next year. And the year after next will be the third full year (I’m counting next year as 2½) for my apple trees and honeyberries. Year three is supposed to be a big year, so I’m getting excited.

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