Hey y’all,

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty broke at the moment. (Luckily, I’m broke because of things that will pay off later, but I’m still broke right now). I haven’t eaten gluten voluntarily in years. But most cheap, processed food contains gluten. So, is gluten-free expensive?

Yes and no. So, when people who don’t know think ‘gluten free,’ they typically think immediately of salads and vegetables. While those are gluten-free, they’re expensive and many people don’t like them much. However, potatoes and rice are gluten-free, too. And more people will eat mashed potatoes before a salad.

If you buy the fun gluten-free food, like gf cookies and things, then that gets really expensive. Any food that is specifically for gf people is more expensive. However, if a normal food just happens to also be gf, it’s not usually a huge expense. The cheapest and best gf food that I’ve found are Stax.

They’re knock-off Pringles. They’re gluten-free, tasty, and they cost $1.00. They are 900 calories for a whole can, but that helps them be so cheap. You don’t need a whole bunch of them. You need 2 or maybe 3 for an entire day. You would need to eat a bunch of salad to get enough calories. That’s one reason they’re more expensive.

Going sans gluten can be more expensive, definitely. But it can be really cheap. Rice and potatoes are some of the cheapest foods ever. It all depends on what you choose to buy.

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