I got another job!

Hey y’all,

So I went and interviewed yesterday for a job. It was actually really funny, because during the interview, the manager asked me what was one good thing about working at my current job. I said that only there does the store brand of an item sell out before the name brand. As soon as I said that, I could see on his face the thought, “did she really just say that during a job interview?!?” But I got the job!

I actually didn’t ask and don’t really care how much I’ll be making. I know that I’ll definitely be making at least minimum wage, and that’s enough money for me.

I’m more excited about the fact that my manager said that I’m going to be the “mistress of the store, and the lobby will be my domain.” That just sounds really awesome.

But on the money front, even if I only work 20 hours a week and my husband only works 20 hours, we’re still going to be making enough money to stay comfortably on budget. And hopefully we’ll both be working more. 20 hours is a low-ball estimate.

I guess it’s not very exciting to hear someone say that getting a job will make you money. No, it won’t necessarily make you rich, and yes, you can save a ton of money by being frugal, but you may have some wants that don’t quite fit into the budget. My husband and I tend to do things with upfront costs. We’re on track to pay everything off (that’s including our mortgage) by 2030, but those upfront costs do require some cash. I’m sure it’s not the easiest, but an easy way to increase income by a lot is to get an extra job.

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