Dog with Allergies

Hey y’all,

Let’s talk about my dog for a minute. My dog has allergies. He is also a mastiff/pit mix, so he is nearly 90 lbs. He can’t eat corn, has difficulty with chicken, and he needs high amounts of protein and his diet, or he will chew his hair off and smell like a walking fart.

Until I got this dog, I had never encountered a dog with allergies, and I thought a dog could pretty much eat anything except chocolate. I never realized before, but nearly all dry dog food has cornmeal as a main ingredient. Many dog foods use chicken in the formula, which made sense before I knew. Dog foods that don’t contain corn or chicken and have high protein are typically expensive. Because of this, I attempted to make food for my dog, but he is huge and needs nearly 3,000 calories every day. It was so difficult to make enough food for him, and it didn’t save enough money for it to make me want to keep doing it.

Making food for my dog (brown rice and lentils) did work for him, but as I said, it was too much work. Before I knew about the chicken thing, I tried feeding him a lot of chicken because I thought it would help his protein means. But that was very expensive, and it didn’t help because of the chicken problem. At one point, I fed him all hot dogs. That helped amazingly, but that was even more expensive than chicken. For a long time, I bought him Diamond Naturals dog food, but that has gone up in price recently, plus it is loaded with chicken. I managed to find some bags of dog treats at the Dollar store that don’t contain corn or chicken. They aren’t high protein enough to help a lot, but they are hoping a little, and they are cheap. Currently, I am feeding my dog beef-flavored puppy chow, because that tends to be higher in protein. I really hope this works, because I’m not exactly sure where to go from here if it doesn’t.

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