Fort Merritt part 1

Hey y’all,

So, I’ve come to own some land out in the country. How that happened is a different post, but that was pretty cool. Anyway, my husband and I are going to build some sort of structure on the land. We’re planning to build an earthbag house that we’ll live in either full- or part-time.

We’re still planning and deciding things, but we do want it to be at least partway in the ground. That should help the future electrical needs and cut down on the build time, as well as making the structure even more stable and just being cool as crap. And this place is going to be so sturdy! It’ll be fire-proof, earthquake-proof, and storm-proof. This place could withstand a nuclear attack! It wouldn’t allow us to live through the radiation, but we really have no interest in living in a fallout wasteland.

Basically, this house is going to be an underground fortress, so we’re calling it Fort Merritt.

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