Hey y’all,

I’ve just about decided to crochet hats. I live in Texas, so it rarely gets cold enough for any heavy, crocheted clothing. And even when it is cold enough, the crochet has holes that don’t keep the wind out. So it’s pretty much useless. Also, it takes forever to make something like a sweater anyway.

Hats are ok to wear even in Texas. Plus, they’re small enough that they don’t take a ton of time to make, and they’re less size-dependant than other clothes. They’re also light enough that I could potentially ship them places and still make some cash. My goal isn’t to make money, really. I just want to make enough to support my hobby. And any extra would be nice, too. I’d really like to make enough to be able to afford internet again.

Making hats would give me an extra creative outlet. I can make them super whimsical. My favorite hat currently has ears, and I really love it. I saw a similar hat on tv and thought, ‘I want a hat like that.’ So I made one.

I’m thinking if I sell one, I’d charge $20, or $25 if I’m going to ship it. And I think that’s very reasonable since it’s a handmade hat with love in every stitch, and that’s priceless. And the materials are about 5 bucks, plus it’d still take a while to make since I have a job, a husband, and a baby to take care of.

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