What I eat to get Skinny Thick

Hey y’all,

First things first: being skinny is not as important as being healthy.

I’ve had multiple health issues, and they have led me to not being able to eat certain foods, which has, in turn, led me to having difficulty keeping weight on. I’m constantly on the line where I look good with clothes on, but I also want to look good with clothes off, and I don’t right now.

My personal goal is to gain 7lbs by Valentine’s Day. Much of the reason I have a hard time gaining weight is because I can’t eat gluten, and I don’t have access to any highly caloric GF food. I’ve had bread a total of 3 times in the past 2 years, and that was only because I made it myself.

Yesterday, November 22nd, 2021, I weighed 117.8 lbs – at night with all my clothes on. Let’s be real. I want boobs. My butt is ok, but I have barely a-cup boobs. Years ago, I had c-cup boobs, so I know it’s possible.

I’m active enough to stay in shape, but I need to eat more calories since boobs are basically sacks of fat on your chest.

Today, I had cream of rice with cocoa powder in it for breakfast. Then, I had some coffee oatmeal that I made thin enough to drink through a straw at work (which was pretty cool and sneaky if you ask me). I had a couple of baked potatoes for a late lunch. And for “dinner,” I had some plain popcorn and a lot of cheeseballs.

Hopefully, this will help me meet my goal.

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