“I have Many Lives to Live.”

That’s a quote from Henry David Thoreau. He’s a hero of mine – not for any one thing he did, but because he lived so hard. I haven’t studied him in depth, but what I do know is that he started out with a fairly standard, albeit affluent, life. Then he built and lived a simple life in the woods for a few years. Then he moved back into society. He even went to jail a few times for not paying his taxes.

I wouldn’t say I’m on par with Thoreau (or the cab driver from Today’s Special), but I have done my fair share of different things. In highschool, I was a really fantastic clarinet player. I was also a great knitter. Then I changed to crochet. I buckled down on my studies at college. Then I spent some time in the hospital. For a few years, I was a work-from-home spouse, then a work-from-home parent. I am currently working as a Sales Associate in a dollar store. I’ve raised rabbits. I’ve tried to farm. I’ve attempted to live without electricity. I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching health and fitness. I ate fully plant-based for a time.

I don’t know what the future holds, except that I’m sure it will be ever-changing.

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