Gluten Free is Hard

Hey y’all,

As many of you know, I eat gluten-free. What some of you may not know, is that my diet is not a ploy to lose weight or some fashion statement. I suffered from severe eczema for over 20 years. I have been in remission for a year and a half now, but only by radically changing my diet.

When I first began my healing journey, there were many, many things that I cut from my diet. I still semi-avoid several foods, but currently, there are 3 food items that I don’t eat: citric acid, peanuts, and gluten. These are foods that make my skin itch just seconds after I eat them.

I tried to eat fully plant-based for a time, but as rice is the most calorific gf plant food, and I would need to eat 10 cups (or more) to equal my calorie needs for a day, I ended up going back to meat. Some people would have no trouble with this, but I also suffered a stroke a few years ago, and now it takes me three times as long to eat.

But back to gluten. It is quite difficult to eat gluten free – especially in a small town in East Texas. GF convenience items just aren’t available. Even rice-a-roni has wheat flour as the second ingredient. (So do many candies, which is weird) I have a job outside the home now, and I don’t have the energy to bake bread or cook much when I get home. The only convenience foods I’m not scared to eat are chips.

Buying food is like walking through a minefield. And eating anything anyone else cooks is so dangerous. Once, I was at a potluck where there was broccoli-cheese soup. That sounded good to me, but then I overheard the lady who made it say that she thickened it with flour. Another time, I was at a party where a girl made Muddy Buddies. I was excited because I like Muddy Buddies, and those are naturally gf. But then I heard someone ask the girl about them, and she said she added some brownie mix to the coating… 😒

I’m not a cook by any means. I really enjoy easy-to-make food. However, people with food restrictions have to stick together, so I’m going to share any good tips I find.

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