GF Flour

Hey y’all,

Previously, I said I would share any tips I had on GF eating. So, I’m going to share my GF flour recipe again. I’ve shared it before, but it’s been awhile.

-63g white rice flour

-63g brown rice flour

-63g corn starch

-200g gf oat flour

-10g/1 tsp psyllium husk powder (or xanthan gum)

Mix this together and use just like any other gf flour. I use my blender to grind up my own flours, and a pound of this mix is about $2.50. The best deal I’ve ever found for premade gf flour is $2.50/lb if you buy 25lbs. And even then, it had potato flour in it, and I can’t stand the taste of that.

What makes this more expensive is the corn starch and psyllium husk powder. I’ve had success when using small amounts of flour with using equal parts rice and oat flour.

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