Little Cypress Novelties

Hey y’all,

So, I’ve been looking for work. Nothing in the current job market has come up, but a different opportunity has arisen. Several people in my extended family make art. None of us have the time to really make a go of selling the art, so we’re banning together as one company to create and sell our art.

We’re calling ourselves Cypress Odds & Ends, and we have many different kinds of things. We have paintings, statues, crocheted items, seed, tribal necklaces, and more. As we move forward, we all hope this can expand. Eventually, we may have some sort of physical location, but for now we’re running an internet shop. We have an Etsy shop and a Facebook page. Anything listed we have currently, but we can absolutely make custom items. Just send us a private message.

This is interesting, because I am the media coordinator/overall manager. If I could, I would renounce the entire internet, run into the woods, and become a hermit, but that’s not a viable plan.

In addition, I’m planning on doing some other type of part-time work. Building a company will take time, so I need something now to fill the gap.

Please check out Little Cypress Odds & Ends. Even as I type this, I’m having ideas for things we can do, but we are currently on Facebook and Etsy.


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