There’s Not Enough


Today I’m going to write a sad post. I usually try to be upbeat about things, but not today. I realized today (even more than before) that there’s not enough of anything right now. Not for me anyway. There’s not enough time; there’s not enough money; there’s not enough hands.

The only thing I can *hopefully* do something about is the money part. That could fix a lot of things. We looked at our budget and could see the hard times coming, so we cut out our internet and thought we could make it. Then my husband got some kind of sick (it could be ulcers or just stress cramps, but we can’t afford the specialist to find out for sure), and our income took a hit.

Even if he was doing fine, we’d need to weather a pay cut for him to find a job closer to home. He’s currently commuting 2 hours (round trip) to work every day. Combined with the fact that there’s a required meeting before work and the boss usually makes him stay late, he’s either working or heading to work 65+ hours/week. I don’t like it because he’s so tired when he’s off that he can’t help much with the baby or around the house. And working so much doesn’t help with the stress issue.

I tried vlogging on Patreon, but that required more internet power than our vehicle’s wifi provides. We had a yard sale, but it didn’t make us much. We tried selling brisket, but the upfront cost was too rich for my taste. So, we’re going to start a GoFundMe account. Hopefully that will get us somewhere.

Thank goodness we cloth diaper, because I don’t think we could afford to buy disposables. It’s also a blessing in disguise that my son is starting to not like the taste of his formula. We’ve been getting the cheap kind, but it still adds up.

I so wish I was more physically capable. As is, no one will hire me. I understand why, but it still makes life hard.

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