GF Flour

Hey y’all,

I’m pretty sure I’ve published this before, but it’s definitely been awhile. So, here it is again!

My GF flour mix:

-63g brown rice flour

-63g white rice flour

-63g cornstarch

-175g oat flour

-1 Tbsp psyllium husk powder or xantham/guar gum

Then just mix it all together. It can be used in almost any recipe. Just double the liquid in the recipe.

So, gluten really isn’t that healthy. Gluten in itself is not a problem. The problem is that the wheat these days has been genetically engineered to contain a lot more gluten than it used to. There are videos on YouTube of people washing the starch out of flour and leaving the gluten behind, and there is a substantially greater amount of gluten in all purpose flour than ancient grain flour.

Another problem is that gluten-free flour is very expensive. AP flour can be bought for 35¢ per pound (I’ve done it), but gluten-free flour is at least $2.30 per pound. Also, all the gluten-free flours that I’ve bought taste weird and make things stick hard to pans.

I came up with this mix for myself, and other people seem to like it. It still comes out at about $2 per pound (if you grind everything yourself), but it doesn’t have that weird taste or stick to things.


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