Everyone’s been sick

Hey y’all,

I haven’t written in a while, and I’m sorry about that, but everyone’s been sick. My husband and baby both came down with stomach aches and body aches last week. Then I started having the same symptoms yesterday. At first we thought it was different since my husband had really bad stomach pains and the baby and I had milder stomach aches. But then my husband got a sonogram of his abdomen, and one of the things we were told was that he had a build-up of gas inside him. Last week the baby and I began passing a lot of gas. I think that we all had the same thing, but since my husband he eats differently, his gas was hung up inside and the baby’s and my gas came out. And my husband got all the terrible gas pains.

My husband didn’t love it when I said this, but he’s the only one in the house that eats gluten. Whether you’re allergic to it or not, gluten molecules are hard on the digestive system. I heard someone say once that flatulence is a sign of a healthy digestive system. I haven’t eaten gluten for nearly two years. The baby doesn’t eat gluten because he is eating almost all formula. However, my husband really enjoys his pasta and bread. He eats gluten on a daily basis. I think my husband’s digestive system isn’t as healthy as it could be, and he wasn’t able to pass all this extra gas that whatever bug we have is causing.

We still have a fair amount of pasta from this last grocery trip, but I am going to start phasing it out of the household. As my husband eats it, I am going to buy gluten-free pasta. It’s a good thing that no one is allergic to gluten here; I’m just sensitive to it. I do want to keep regular AP flour in the house. It seems that if I make fully gluten-free bread, my husband can tell the difference and won’t eat it. I’m hoping that I can do ¾ gluten-free.

A lot of people may think, ‘if he likes regular stuff and he’s not allergic to it, just let him eat it,’ but after three trips to the emergency room and watching him be in pain for a week, I’m ready to make changes whether he likes it or not.

I’ll likely have some GF recipes coming up soon, so watch for those.


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