Coffee is Making Me Tired?

Hey y’all,

I’ve been really going back and forth on coffee. I didn’t drink it except on rare occasions for over a year before I gave birth. It’s been 2½ months since then, and I was definitely drinking copious amounts of coffee to get me through those first weeks.

Lately though, I’ve been backing off the coffee. It’s not good for eczema according to all the gurus, and I haven’t needed as much caffeine. I’ve only been drinking about a half cup a day for a week or so, and I’ve noticed that it’s not really helping me to wake up. In fact, I’m usually more tired by the time I finish my coffee than when I start.

I haven’t done any research on this, so I don’t know for sure, but I think drinking coffee may be similar to taking pain medicine during birth. During birth, when you take pain medicine, the body’s natural pain management system shuts off. Therefore, you need a fair amount of medicine to deal with shooting out a person. I figure that drinking coffee (or any caffeine) works similarly in that when you drink it, you’re telling the body that it doesn’t need to work to wake you up because you’ve got this. (I mean, it’s the same thing with taking steroids. Testosterone production goes down.) .

Don’t get me wrong, coffee (or other caffeine) can be a useful tool. Band aids are also a useful tool, but I don’t wear them every day. I only use a band aid when I get a cut. I’m going to try and use coffee like that too.

I may begin drinking an espresso shot when I need it. If I’m going to drink coffee, I need to drink enough for it to work. A half cup of slowly sipped coffee isn’t doing any good.


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