Revamping Bottles for weaning

Hey y’all,

So, let’s begin with the obvious. My son is “way too young” for the recommended age to start solids. But also, we don’t need rules here, so we’re doing it.

I thickened some milk with oats and blueberries yesterday, and my son really enjoyed eating it. Today, I plan to make some with spinach and oats. Fingers crossed that he likes it just as much.

The only problem is the thick milk is too thick to come out of his bottles, but way too thin to use a spoon. So, I took the tops of some of his bottles and snipped the opening wider.

This is a regular bottle top.
This is a top for thick milk.

Now the thickened milk will flow through. We use these clear bottles, but had I known about things before the baby, I would have gotten these. They’re the same brand, but they’re bigger, there are more of them, and they are colorful.

To thicken my son’s milk, I use this recipe. You can buy baby cereal, but I work at home and have more time than money. Plus, I want him to get a taste for fruits and veggies. As I said before, my son liked the blueberry milk I made, and we’re going to try spinach today (raw spinach, not the nasty canned business). We also have apples, carrots, and squash to use, so I’ll be doing that.

Also, I’m not going to feed my son things that taste bad to me. Like, I’ll never feed him plain carrots. They need some salt or cinnamon or something.

But seriously, I can’t wait until we can buy less formula. We’re already spending $30+ a week, and the price is only going to go up as he eats more.

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