Infant Thick Milk

Hey y’all,

So I’m about to put some real talk out there. I’m probably going to be judged pretty hard, but whatever.

My son is a few days short of being 2 months old, and I’m trying to move him towards eating solids. I started off today by giving him a bottle of thick milk. It’s mostly formula blended with berries and oats and strained. He really liked it.

It’s recommended to only give babies breastmilk or formula for 6 months, and I planned to breastfeed and do that, but my son can’t have breastmilk, and formula is ridiculously expensive. Also, my son eats like a bottomless pit, so there’s that.

Seriously, at 2 months most children might eat 30oz in a day. My son eats 32-36, and he’s not quite 2 months!

Back to the cost, there’s only 1 store that I know of that sells the cheaper brand of formula that we buy. If they’re out (as they were this week), we have to spend $30-$45 to get a single can of formula, and it barely lasts a week! That’s only going to get shorter as he eats more. I’m a full-grown person, and I eat well for $20 a week or less.

Speaking of, I took my son to the doctor today, and apparently I should be buying bottled water for his formula because tap water isn’t as purified. No way am I doing that. I figure that if my son isn’t getting cholera, he’s fine. I don’t even buy bottled water for myself.

But anyway, I’m actually pretty excited to feed my baby more than just milk. The thick milk I made today was a nice purple color. Tomorrow I may use some spinach and make green milk. Then carrots for orange and so on. Soon, I’ll be able to let him eat some of my food whenever I eat.

I had planned to breastfeed and do baby-led weaning, but you know what they say about best-laid plans. Not doing things by the book doesn’t make you a bad parent. Seriously, just do the best you can in whatever way you need to. For the most part, as long as your kid is alive and happy, your doing fine.


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