Hey y’all,

About 1½ years ago, I cut coffee out of my diet. Then, I had a baby, and I began drinking coffee again.

I’m pretty frugal, but I want really good coffee when I drink it. Some of the best, cheap coffee is the store brand of coffee grounds from Walmart. I used to have a French press for my coffee, but that broke and I accidentally ordered a few hundred empty tea bags, so now I measure some into the bags and steep my coffee like tea.

I generally don’t like instant coffee. It usually has a very weak and metallic taste, but I recently went on a trip and found some pretty good instant coffee. It’s from Kroger, and it’s called One of the Perks. The cool thing about instant coffee is that there’s no brewing and no grounds to deal with. You can put a scoop of this in water and microwave it, and it’s good to go. Instant coffee is really fantastic for traveling or for when it would be inconvenient to brew regular coffee.

Something I found that I really like, is to put hot chocolate powder in my coffee instead of creamer. It makes it mocha-y like a fancy coffee drink. I don’t do well with dairy, so I make my own hot chocolate powder. I mix one Tbsp of cocoa powder with four Tbsp of stevia sweetener. Then, I put three or four tablespoons in my large cup of coffee. (I do like my chocolate darker, so somewhere else may need five or six Tbsp of sweetener to one Tbsp of cocoa.)

Happy coffee drinking!


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