Natural Ear Infection Treatment

Hey y’all,

My family has been on a trip this week. We went to visit extended family a few states away, and the car ride was hard on my son. His right ear began leaking some fluid because of an ear infection. At first, I thought his ear was just really dirty, but when it was looking nasty again after cleaning it just hours before, I finally clued in.

I knew that if we took him to the hospital, the doctors would give him antibiotics. I don’t want to do that and mess up his already sensitive immune system, so I’m treating him naturally.

A natural remedy for ear infections is to sautee some garlic slices in coconut oil and drop it in the ears. The oils from the garlic are medicinal, and coconut oil itself has antibacterial properties. But we’re on a trip. We didn’t have any of that stuff. So, I made do. I put garlic powder in cooking oil and microwaved it a bit. Then I used a q-tip to get some in my son’s ear. It’s been 36 hours, and there’s no new fluid coming out of his ear! I definitely want to use the original remedy when we get home, but I’m astounded that that worked as well as it did.

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