Staying hydrated after the baby

Hey y’all,

Time for real talk. It’s been 6 weeks since I gave birth, and I’m so ready to stop peeing on myself. I’m glad I stopped breastfeeding, because I was constantly wet. Either the baby was peeing on me, or I was peeing on myself, or I was leaking milk on myself. Luckily, we took the leaky boobs out of the equation. But the baby and I are both still peeing on everything. Mostly me.

Which brings me to staying hydrated. Before giving birth, I was trying to drink a gallon of water a day. But after giving birth, there’s no way that I would be able to drink so much water everyday without some sort of catheter. My goal now is to drink at least a quart of water everyday. Then I have coffee and tea on top of that, but I also know that those are less hydrating then pure water. A quart of water is definitely not as good as a gallon of water a day, but it’s also not the worst. I’ve been making a lot of compromises lately, but I’m not even concerned about it. I think that considering my health at all right now is a really great thing, but a new baby, I’m not even going to try to be ideal.


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