Babywearing is Hot

Hey y’all,

I’ve been talking about how awesome baby wearing is, and it definitely is, but it’s also hot. We’re heading into July in Texas, and about noon, I have to take the baby off and set him down in the afternoon.

In a previous post, I mentioned how awesome the baby carrier from JJ Cole is. Then it got hot, and I realized that that carrier can get pretty warm. I still think that that carrier is great for cooler weather, and I plan to use it again and the fall and winter if the baby still fits, but for now, I’ve begun using this hip carrier.

It’s a little hard to use the hip carrier currently, because my baby is so small and doesn’t hold his head up by himself yet, but if I set him on my hip, I can support his head with my arm and it’s fine. What I love about this carrier is that it’s so much cooler to wear. It also has many pockets for different things. I can carry a bottle, my phone, a burp rag, and there is still the room for more. It’s like a fanny pack that can hold a baby!

It also much easier to transfer the baby. In the JJ Cole carrier, I couldn’t set the baby down without waking him up, but I can put baby down from the hip carrier without disturbing him at all. It’s great! Even though carriers are meant to be mostly hands-free, I still don’t like to do some things with the baby on me. I don’t like to use the oven or cut up meat or things like that. If there is any potential danger involved, I like to set my baby down. I also like to put him down when he falls asleep. I feel like it can’t be good for him to sleep sitting up in his carrier.

I also get that there is some really expensive carriers that are totally hands-free. You can be confident to carry your child and not have him fall. However, I just wanted something so that I feel comfortable that I won’t drop the baby. I don’t mind having to support his head. And you know me. I have no interest in buying an expensive carrier. This hip carrier allows me to be close to my baby and still carry things and do stuff and not get quite as hot.


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