Business Cards

Hey y’all,

As many of you know, I’ve been laying the foundation for a business. I’m going to begin selling brisket. This past weekend, I gave away a couple of briskets for free to see people’s reactions and to get any suggestions. I realize during that, it would be easier to get the word out if we had some business cards to combine with that method.

Yesterday, I actually made up some business cards to sell my brisket.

This really makes it real. It would have been so easy to ignore this idea or just think ‘wow that’s a good idea’ but not do anything. But it’s becoming more real by the day.

And this is so exciting for me, because I did go into this trying to say it was my husband’s and my business, but after talking to him, we agreed that this is definitely my business, and he is just a high-ranking employee.

I think we’ll do one more weekend of giving brisket away for free, and the next weekend, we’re visiting family, but we can finally begin taking orders for the next weekend.

For right now, I only want to make brisket on the weekends, and we’re going to have to work solely on ‘donations’ until we decide to invest in a professional kitchen, but it’s a start.


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