A brisket business is taking shape.

Hey y’all,

In a previous post, I talked about how my husband and I are trying to start a brisket business. Yes, I still firmly believe that fruit and vegetables are much healthier for you, and meat should be eaten as little as possible. However, people in this area really like their meat, it’s easy to cook, and with a newborn in tow, I do not have the energy to take on the battle of vegetables. People will have to fend for themselves. If they’re going to buy meat from someone, I figure it may as well be me.

Anyway, the business is beginning to take shape. We currently have an idea for a business card, although it’s still early stages. Eventually, we’d like to sell brisket sandwiches at events, and we want to have meal vouchers available that people can buy so that other people can get a hot meal for free. Even though that’s the end goal, I’m not sure if that’s feasible at the moment, so we’re going to just give some of our profits to charity. Giving back is so important to us, and I want to start our business with that in mind.

We’ve come up with the name ‘Good Vibes’ for our business. I think that sums up our motto pretty well. Also, if we get to a point in the future where we can sell something besides brisket alone, the name still works.

We did a test run of our brisket by giving a free one to my husband’s work shift for lunch. I was amazed at the comments I received. It seems that most brisket that people have eaten taste like boot leather. It’s dry and tough. That’s so sad to me. That’s the sign of a really sad brisket. My brisket is moist and tender, which is how all brisket should be. And it amazes me that people still think they’re dry, tough brisket is worth $20+ per pound! To me, that’s ridiculous! I plan to sell really good brisket for nearly half of that price, and I want to give some of our profits to charity! Maybe I was raised differently, but I don’t think that business model should be so out of norm. Also, I don’t understand why anyone would think that dry and tough is how brisket should be. That’s not how any food should be.

This is so exciting to me. I’ve had little businesses before, but never anything with so much potential. My product is good, I believe my business model is good, and my husband is very good at talking to people and lifting heavy stuff, so I think this is going to work out swell! I’m excited for a year or two down the road. With a baby in tow, I don’t want to try and make this anything more than a side-gig currently, but eventually my husband and I will be able to expand this business.

I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, I guess there’s not really a problem with dreaming big. Eventually we could have a small Cafe, and our whole family could work in it, and my husband could quit his outside job, and the business would make enough profit for us to comfortably pay all our bills and give a fair amount to charity as well. None of this can happen yet, but we’re on our way! I am so glad that my husband is going along with this idea and seems to like it just as much as I do, but this was originally my idea. I came up with it, and I am so, so excited!

Wish us all the luck, and send us some good vibes!


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