Baby Kilt

Hey y’all,

My son really hates diaper changes. Like… really hates them. Even though we’re doing elimination communication, we still have to remove his diaper to go to the bathroom, and then we put it or a fresh one back on. So, in essence, he’s having a diaper change every hour or more.

He has no problem sitting on a towel, but it scoots out from under him, and if he does pee, a towel underneath him does nothing to contain that. I’ve been trying to think of something that isn’t restricting but will keep any messes at bay, and I may have discovered a solution: a kilt.

We have tons of cloth diaper prefolds (organic cotton is the most absorbent), so I’m trying to determine the best way to fashion one around him kilt-style.

Once he begins crawling, I may try diapers again, or I may see if underwear will work, but he’s only one month old and immobile for now, so I have a little time.

*Update* I think I figured it out. I’m wrapping a diaper around him horizontally and holding it in place with a diaper cover with the crotch cut out. He seems ok with it.

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