Score at the Thrift Store

Hey y’all,

I made a trip to the thrift store today. I almost didn’t want to get out, but have finally and since myself that I needed to, and boy am I glad I did. I scored big time.

We’re doing elimination communication with our son, and all I have is a toddler toilet seat reducer. It can work, but it’s still far too big for my son’s one-month-old bottom. Mini potties can cost $20+ for a standard potty. At the thrift store today, I found a small potty with a mini potty insert for only $3. I also found a 50 pack of disposable diapers for $5. We are trying to eliminate diapers eventually, but I like to use disposables at night and for going out.

Look at how cute this is!

Yes, I know that pink is not usually the color for a son, but it was $3, and we’re not picky. Besides, I will probably take the white inside out of the pink base and just hold it between my legs. I have tried that and it seems far easier. So the pink ladybug will just be a holder for the potty.

We do have a toilet seat reducer, and while it’s great for what it is, it’s still too big for my baby’s little butt.

To get something like this brand new would have been at least $30. For only $3, I really think I scored big time.


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