Frugal DIYs for Baby

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a couple DIYs to share to inspire.

The first one isn’t even really a DIY. It’s just a cheap way to accomplish a task. I’ve wanted to cloth diaper for awhile. I think it’ll be easier on my baby’s skin and cheaper. I’m fine with the extra laundry, but I didn’t want to do the whole ‘dunk and swish’ thing to get the poop off the diaper. That sounds so gross to me. You can get diaper sprayers and splatter guards, but those are ridiculously expensive. So I’ve done this:

I got a clipboard to hold the diaper, an old bottle (just to pour water over the poop spots), and a trash can to hold the wet board. All together, I think this solution cost about $12. It works like a charm!

My second DIY has to do with clothing. I received a ton of baby onesies at my shower. They’re adorable, but now that the baby’s here, I’m finding that shirts work better on him. Instead of buying baby shirts, I’m taking many of the onesies and cutting the bottoms off and hemming them to make shirts.

I think this is a really great use of resources. Also, I definitely wouldn’t have the time or energy to do this if the baby wasn’t sleeping most of the night. That’s purely thanks to the schedule we’re using.

Goodnight y’all.


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