DIY Pacifier Clip

Hey y’all,

As you know, I really like doing things cheaply. So when I found that my baby really liked his pacifier, I decided to make my own clips so it wouldn’t fall on the floor. (And I know that pacifiers can be a slippery slope to having the baby get attached to it, but I’d rather him have a pacifier than scream and wail during diaper changes and when feeding is over.)

Of course, there are patterns out there for pretty clips, and they only retail for about $1-$5 a piece, but I already had these binder clips and yarn, so I just made do.

As you can see it in the picture, I just braided a length of yarn and tied it to a binder clip on one end and the pacifier on the other. I actually made a loop for the pacifier end so I can take it off and wash the pacifier easier. This definitely isn’t the cutest version of a pacifier clip, but it was easy and totally free.

You can’t always do the best, but you can always do your best.


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