Sometimes Natural isn’t Best

Hey y’all,

As most of you know, I prefer natural methods of almost everything to other alternatives. But sometimes, the natural way isn’t always best.

I’m particularly sensitive to histamines. One thing that histamines are in in large quantities are the oils from grasses. I realized a few months ago that essential oils are pure plant oils, and I’ve been washing my household laundry in them. Apparently it’s more natural to use essential oils to make clothes smell good rather than dryer sheets or any sort of fragranced detergent. I agree with the idea of that. Essential oils are, indeed, more natural than chemicals. However, in practice, having the oils on my clothing is too aggravating for my skin. The same principle applies whenever I use perfume. I went through a period awhile back when I would apply a drop or two of essential oils to my skin. After a few hours, I would begin itching fiercely wherever I put the oil.

I’ve found something similar to occur in foods containing citric acid. Before I was aware that citric acid is now derived from mold, I found that I really enjoyed the blueberry-flavored syrup from restaurants. I knew that it was likely full of fake flavoring and chemicals, so I got some blueberry syrup with real berries, sugar, and citric acid. Even though it was a more natural version of syrup than the restaurant version, it gave me an allergic reaction. My body cannot handle citric acid, even in the smallest of quantities.

I love natural things, but I just can’t handle some of the natural alternatives that exist.

*Baby Update* There’s still no baby. I’ve been trying everything to spur him on – walking, squatting, bouncing, getting my partner to massage my feet and do exercises with me, eating spicy food and pineapple, etc. Hopefully we’ll have a baby soon. I’m already 3 days past my due date. I’ve been told that first babies are typically a week or so overdue, but I’m ready to get the party started.

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