Frugal Baby Things

Hello all!

I’ve been crocheting a storm the last few weeks. I have been making lots of baby things as well as several floor sliders for furniture legs.

As far as cute things, here’s what I have made recently.

A soft ring stacking toy
A lion plushie
Some patriotic pants
And I’m working on more pants as we speak! (It’ll be hot during the baby’s first several months, so I’m doing a very loose fitting crochet; the pants just need to be cute)

I’m so excited for the baby to get here. And I also want to pay as a little as possible to have a nice experience. Not everyone can crochet like me, but you can always do something to find really cute things for cheap or free. I would give that advice to anyone and I guess I am, haha. But seriously, you can sew, or hot glue, or get a friend to make you something, or look for bargains at thrift stores, or barter for things, anything. The internet is full of great ideas.

I hope this inspires anyone attempting to have a baby on the cheep. Babies should not be that expensive. There homemade, and I, for one, am going to make several of the baby’s possessions at home as well.


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