Another Frugal DIY

Hi everyone!

I have another frugal “DIY” to inspire you. It’s not a full DIY, but it’s a frugal way to test out a more expensive item.

We have a dog who likes to jump the fence in the backyard. So, I thought that putting a baby gate on the end of our large back porch would give him some extra room to play and not let him out into the yard near the fence. However, actual baby gates cost 50 plus dollars. I wanted a cheap way to test my idea without spending money on something that may end up not working.

I rigged up a “gate” with a piece of tarp and some bungee cords. If this does work, I can always upgrade later on, but this idea was free to test because I had the tarp and bungee cords left over from other projects.

Sometimes, you’re just not skilled enough to make something look as nice as a bought product. However, if you’re just testing something, it doesn’t have to look nice. Being frugal does not mean having things look bad permanently, but there’s no point in spending the money to make something look nice before you find out if it’s even functional.

I hope this inspires you.


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