Decluttering & Will There be a Baby This Week?

Hi everyone,

My husband and I recently moved to a new house. It’s 800ish (I think 830?) sq feet. It seemed very adequate and spacious at first… but then everyone began giving us things. Too much stuff is a good problem to have, but what no one seems to understand is that this house was built for the previous century when things were smaller.

Well-meaning people keep giving us things that are bigger than this house can accommodate, so we’re going to get to pare things down once again.

It’s kind of funny. We looked through stuff and decluttered before we moved, then again as we unpacked, again after our baby shower, and now we get to do it again since we’re finding that we didn’t get to everything yet. I think decluttering and clever organization are going to be essential to keeping our house in order.

I’m also going to have to be quite mindful about my bulk buying. I really like to buy items in bulk to save money, but that’s quickly becoming a problem. I’m already having trouble storing my dried beans, and I’m finding that buying a dozen cans of tomato sauce is too much.

And I may just have to part with my dehydrator. It seemed like such a great idea, but it takes up a lot of room, and I rarely use it. There’s a trick where you can strap some ac filters to a box fan to get the same effect, and I may just do that.

We’re also expecting a baby. Yay! It’s only days away. The official due date is May 7th, but everyone, including my husband and me, think this baby is going to pop out early. The husband mentioned that he has a feeling about April 28th, and it may end up happening. A few weeks ago, I got to experience prodromal labor, which is just all the contractions that stop right before you get to the ones that dilate you. April 28th is in 2 days, and I feel just like I did a couple days before the prodromal labor. I’m getting random pains in my hips, pelvis, and breasts, and I’m so hot almost all the time (which is strange since I’m cold natured).

I won’t know until he’s here, but we could be having a baby this week.

I’d love that because I’m so excited for him to be here. And my husband’s excited, too. We can just barely wait. I don’t want to rush the baby out before he’s ready, but I’ve also been doing a lot of squats lately and drinking labor-prep tea in hopes that that will spur the baby on. I have heard that eating spicy food can help, but I’ve tried that twice now, and I really think the baby likes it. It seems to settle him down from whatever movement he was making.

I guess the rest of today will be full of decluttering and baby prep.


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