DIY Wall Art (and fixing mistakes)

Good morning!

It’s so early. I woke up in the middle of the night. Not being able to get back to sleep, I got up and decided to paint on my wall.

If this were a new idea, I would have likely restrained myself, as any ideas (no matter what) between 2 am and 6 am are bad ideas. However, this wasn’t a new idea, as I’ve been contemplating this for days. Perhaps it was a bad choice to do this myself in the middle of the night, but I did it nonetheless.

Anyway, since I’ve moved into this house, I’ve wanted some type of funny, sassy saying on the walls of my kitchen. I haven’t done anything until now because 1) I was taking my time deciding what I wanted, and 2) I’m not an painter (by any means) and pretty wall stickers haven’t been in the budget recently. (Although my husband makes a good amount of pay, over half is currently going to debt payments/previous bad choices and gasoline for my husband’s vehicle… and I can’t work currently.)

Back to the wall art – I had a sturdy pegboard up on one wall of my kitchen. Apparently, it was too heavy for said wall and decided to come crashing down, taking some paint and drywall with it. Decisions had to be made. I could always try to put the pegboard back up to hide the holes in the wall, but then I would risk it coming down again. I could get some wall stickers and cleverly hide the holes, but those cost than we have right now, as previously stated. Of course, I could always fix the wall, but since the pegboard took off some drywall, it’s a more expensive fix to accomplish this year. So, I eventually decided to put my mistakes on display. If I can’t hide them or fix them, I’m not even going to try.

I’m SO proud of this idea. I tend to cook like a hot mess anyway (spilling things and making messes), so this is perfect. This project was totally free to me (which is most of why I’m so proud of it as it doesn’t look THAT good – it’s ok). I think it’s clever, which was totally free, I used paper from and old notebook to cut out stencils, also free, and I painted with some paint from a hand-me-down crib that I was given (and used q-tips to paint with since I had no paintbrush).

Here’s my wall mid-project

I do eventually want to actually fix my wall, rather than “fixing” it, but for not wanting to spend any cash at all, I think this was a very good idea. The big hole in the wall isn’t in a good location to be able to aesthetically cover it, so displaying it seemed like the best option. Plus, I think the hole gives the saying a lot more meaning. Anyone can say they’re a hot mess, but I literally have a hole in my wall that proves it. A person entering doesn’t need to know me before being able to completely make sense of this.

Personally, I think that’s perfect. I’ve never liked the cute, token sayings that people put on walls or other things. Decorating is mostly a foreign concept to me. I appreciate color, but I tend to not like sayings or philosophical expressions on my things. If there is a saying on something, I like for it to have a lot of meaning (and bonus points for being funny). This wall art delivers.


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