Back to the Monkey Diet

Hey everyone,

Over the winter, I’ve been eating a much higher proportion of cooked foods. If you’ve seen my Monkey Diet post, you know that eating as many raw fruits and veggies as possible is ideal.

I’ve was eating really, really well last summer and fall, but then winter hit, and there were fewer fruits and veggies available. I was still able to have a big, raw smoothie every day, but the rest of my meals have been compromised of cooked food. And I’ve been having cereal for dinner at least once a week for the past month. I’ve also been eating more meat – it’s crept up to about 10% rather than 5% or less.

Although my diet is still pretty healthy, now that it’s spring and there are more veggies, I’m going to start eating more of them again. My dad likes to garden, so I’m lucky to get tons of fresh veggies bestowed upon me. I’ve gone ahead and planted several fruit trees and bushes, but with being very pregnant, I think a lot of things will be waiting till next year.

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