Cooking Hack and Frugal DIY

Good morning!

I discovered something amazing last night! Have you ever seen The Help? Remember that part where the maid says that holding a match in your teeth will keep your eyes from watering when chopping onions? That totally works!

I never paid that snippet much mind, because it was in a movie after all, but that trick is like magic! I had to chop several onions last night. My eyes began watering (of course), and I held an unlit match between my teeth. The results were instant! All the tears disappeared, and I chopped 2½ more onions with no problems at all!

Also, I did a frugal project yesterday. I use cloth rags to clean, and I keep a hamper in the kitchen for them. The hamper is so tall that there’s no way to hide it away in a cabinet like I’d like. Initially, I planned to buy a new, shorter hamper, but after weeks of not finding the perfect one and looking at the budget again, I decided just to cut the old one shorter.

This was the hamper before
And this is the hamper after
See, it fits so nicely in a cabinet, now.

I really enjoy easy DIY projects like this, especially when they use things I already have. I feel so accomplished when I can improve my life for free (or even cheaply).


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