Why Did I Change My OB to a Homeopathic Midwife?

Hello all!

So, if you don’t know, about a month ago, I switched doctors. For at least 7 months of my pregnancy, I saw a standard OB who was associated with a hospital and took my insurance. Then, a month ago, I decided that I didn’t want a hospital birth, and I began seeing a group of homeopathic midwives that are located an hour away and don’t take my insurance. Even so, I feel SO much better about my prenatal care.

In the 7 initial months of my pregnancy, I only went to my OB 3 times. Everyone encouraged me to go more often, since I would usually have been scheduled for at least twice as many appointments. However, I have attended more appointments with my midwife in this single month than all the appointments I went to with my OB over 7 months.

I just never felt comfortable with the standard care with my OB. Every time I had an appointment, the OB wanted to take blood and order tests, and I (since I was interested in a more natural birth experience) felt like every appointment was a battle where I would have to really know my choices in advance and stick to my guns about them. With my midwives, I don’t feel that way. They make suggestions, but I don’t feel any pressure to do anything. Also, they don’t stab me with needles every time I go to an appointment.

Something else that’s cool with the midwives is that they don’t seem to think of pregnancy as a medical condition or problem that requires pain killers and a hospital stay. They have access to those things for emergencies, but they have never once suggested that I may have a difficult time giving birth. With my OB, at my very first appointment, pain management drugs, hospitals, and surgery were all mentioned. I understand that those kind of things are prevalent within the standard of care in typical medicine, but it still worried me.

From the viewpoint of most people these days, my decision to change physicians doesn’t make a lot of sense. Financially, it makes no sense, on top of which, I’m having to travel an hour to get to my birthing center. Even so, I feel so much less stressed being in the care of these midwives. One of their core beliefs is that the female body is biologically made to give birth and doesn’t need anything to help it. I love that! My body was made for this, so everything’s going to be fine. Even if it’s not, I’m going to keep telling myself that (and, hopefully, it’ll happen). I’m not broken or made less because I’m pregnant. Pregnancy is totally normal and natural, and my body knows exactly what to do to get through this.

That’s probably the biggest plus for me of changing physicians. My standard OB was simply working by what she was taught, but, unfortunately, that means that I was seen as a patient. With the midwives, I am seen as a client. I chose them, I don’t need them, and the midwives understand that. I quite enjoy just being a client.

I don’t know quite how to end this post, so goodbye!


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