Baby DIY

Hello all!

The “nesting” has set in full force!

As many of you know, I’m very pregnant. I’m in the final month now, and I’m getting into all the rearranging and decorating and making things. Right now I’m crocheting a lot. We don’t have all the money, but crochet is one of my skills, so I’m making things.

I did make some leg socks/sliders for the crib legs so it wouldn’t scuff the floor, and I’m about to do that for a rocker footstool, but what I’m actually excited about is a baby 4th of July outfit that I just finished.

Ignore the random jacket sleeve – I just wanted to semi mimic a body – I think this’ll be adorable over a white/gray onesie!

I’m so glad that I’m able to crochet, but there are tons of ways to DIY the cute things that you like but can’t/won’t afford. A really cute baby outfit like this can be bought for about $15, but making this myself was completely free (since I used gifted yarn), and it only took 2½ days of my time. Now I have the basic pattern in my head, so I can potentially do this for any occasion that I want to dress the baby up for. And, it’ll be completely free instead of potentially hundreds of dollars depending on how many outfits I make.

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