The Baby’s Almost Here!

Hey y’all,

The baby’s almost here! I’m 35 weeks pregnant, so I have about a month to go if I make it to the full 40 weeks. I really think that this baby is going to end up being a week or two early, though.

I’m having a baby shower next weekend (delayed due to the recent move), and gifts have already begun to come in. It’s a little surreal. All this has been discussed for months, but it’s happening! A box came in today (a gift through Amazon, I discovered) with some bottles and cloth diapers. Ah, I’m so excited just thinking about it! I’ve also received a book, some baby socks, an adorable picture, and several hand-me-down items so far, and the shower is still days away. I’m fairly certain it isn’t typical to receive so many things, so I’m trying to be super grateful. If my husband and I had to buy all this stuff, first of all, there’d be a lot less stuff, but also, it’d cost us a pretty penny.

In addition to shower gifts beginning to come in, my pre-milk has also begun to come in. It was a little shocking (not quite the right word) at first, since it was so unexpected and out of the ordinary to have one of my boobs begin leaking fluid, but I’m very happy about it now that I know what’s happening. I’m going to be able to feed my baby! I was never really concerned about whether or not I could breastfeed, but this is a definite sign that it’s going to be possible, and reassurance is always nice.

I’ve also begun having other little signs that I’m going to be giving birth at some point in the next few weeks. I’ve been going number 2 a lot, and a fair amount of discharge is happening. Also, I think I’m beginning to “nest,” at least in some form. I’m not decorating the nursery so much, but I’ve been getting the house picked up and finishing unpacking things. I also am beginning to think like a mom more and more. My husband was joking with me the other day and said he should join a dance contest (he can’t dance at all). Instead of saying “no” or making a sarcastic joke, I said, “I have an even better idea. You’re already the winner, so why don’t we just skip the contest and have a party here? You can even pick out whatever kind of cake you want.” I don’t know about y’all, but to me, that says hardcore mom.

I’m just so excited. I was nervous about everything a while back, but now I’m not nervous about any of it. I’m just super excited!


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