Kitchen Organization

Good morning!

I finally got my pegboards up in the kitchen and began putting things on them! I’m definitely not finished, but this is the first.

I’m already a fan. I didn’t like the look of the standard cream pegboards, so I went with purple! Purple seems to fit my style.

Even though I wasn’t sure about the look, I knew I would appreciate the storage pegboards would give. And I was right! Plus, they did end up looking nice. They give a much needed splash of color to the kitchen. Eventually I want to paint, but 1) pregnant and 2) money, so that’ll have to wait a while.

I’m so pleased with how much storage these boards give! I’ve already cleaned out a full box of stuff, and I still have 2 more pegboards to go!

Back to the endless unpacking for me. Y’all have a fantastic day!


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