Using What You Have

Hey y’all,

It’s a basic tenet of frugality that you use what you have before running to the store. Even so, this can be easier said than done. It can be difficult to see the possibilities for something if it’s not perfect.

A few days ago, I planted some bushes. They’ll be fantastic once they grow awhile, but right now they’re pretty small. They easily blend with the grass. I didn’t want people stepping on them or mowing them down. At first, I kept thinking that I needed to go buy some plant cages. Then I remembered that I had some cheap plastic plant pots. I just cut the bottoms out and put them around my tiny bushes.

They’re working perfectly! The hole still lets plenty of light in, and now I can easily tell where my plants are. I almost didn’t think of this as an option, but it’s great and was free since I had the pots.

Maybe this can help inspire you. Or maybe you’re even better at this than I am. What are some cool ways of using stuff you’ve found?

Metta everyone!

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